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Thanks in advance and long live us!

Also, if you wish to support me in any form, it will be greatly appreciated, wisely dedicated and I will be especially grateful knowing that it will come from humans who share fundamental values ​​and ideals in common. I haven’t participated in any competition for 2 years, precisely by act of secession from the so-called democratic regimes around the world and their Machiavellian delusions. In March 2020, I made the difficult choice to be a (the only?) professional sportsman fully committed to our collective long-term future rather than short-term career selfishness, assuming my responsibility to access a future worthy of the name instead of letting BS settle. I keep my positions relentlessly spending hours and hours a day to inform myself, train myself, discover, experiment, transmit, act on the ground. However, the time is starting to be long and this despite the high level performance in training that you know if you follow me on a daily basis. In particular on the financial aspect, I deprive myself of income, without any compensation mechanism of course.

As a top athlete and especially as a human being, I am very proud to have thwarted this grotesque, dangerous and malicious narrative for 2 years. Proud that all this time, all this money and all this energy spent without counting pays off. Sacrificing your career, sacrificing your reputation, sacrificing your personal life, seceding from corporatism and seceding from the parasitic system based on lies, corruption and conformism. I feel like I took 10 years in the face. But it is also 10 years of experience, evolution and personal development.

PS: A much needed reminder: respecting yourself, respecting your physical and mental integrity, thinking independently are signs of intelligence and are the unique starting points for living in a healthy society.

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