« The French National Olympic and Sports Committee reported an average decrease of 25% for the resumption of licenses in clubs compared to last year, or 4.5 million fewer licensees, a loss estimated at 800 million euros. »

We would have liked to kill the chances of being in good health than we would not have done better. Sport and athletes have been trampled on for 7 months, first with closed-door competitions, then by banning doing sports while under house arrest and by berating athletes who braved tyranny as traitors and criminals and it continues with outright bans on races or their confirmation in absurd conditions (with scarification of the very essence of events and in particular the tree that hides the forest: these harmful masks).

Among all the sectors affected, some have made a crazy dough (digital in particular), others, the most fundamental since the dawn of time, have been mutilated. For sur, the culture that we talk about a lot but especially the sport, physical activity in general and well-being in the end. Indeed, the definition of health according to the strange WHO is this: « health is a state of complete PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SOCIAL well-being and does not consist only in the absence of disease or infirmity ». That is to say that we have a globalist political virus which acts exactly the opposite of the WHO definition, aimed at preserving bare life at all costs, biological life, that of the only right to breathe (but just the air of your mask, otherwise you are a public danger), to work like a dog in a profession which does not make sense in the service of nauseating interests and to end the last 20 years of the life in poor health in a system which keeps its old people under ultra-assistance at great expense after having massacred and exploited them for peanuts for 63 years (age of healthy life expectancy in France).


Epigenetics itself meets the definition of true good health (diagram in French). Most of what makes us healthy and unhealthy is found in everyday life, not in the innate part of our genetic code. In other words, anything that affects a good diet, our rhythm of life (especially sleep), physical activity, our social relationships and our level of satisfaction in life (level of stress, outlook future, pleasure, etc.) must be stopped short. These are the 5 basic criteria for developing a social project (I mean politics finally: the organization of a society), those which are essential since humans are humans.

Today a brutal, devious and diffuse war is waged against Humanity in all its colors. This war is not limited to France; it is carried out across our beautiful planet through stinky social engineering to deeply reshape our lives, from our thoughts to our emotions to our sensations; what drives us, what makes us alive in its noblest sense.

Since the beginning of this ideological pLandemic, I have decided to stay straight and upright in the face of what I call the society of the absurd. It costs me a lot psychologically. I can guarantee you that my saturation level has never been higher in my life. At the beginning often alone against all, I now see that the truths are breaking out as the masks fall. Financially, I sacrificed my 2020 season and perhaps more broadly my sporting future despite being in my best shape.

So as not to sink definitively into alienation, enslavement and exploitation, it is necessary today to implement your duty of disobedience and direct action, starting with your area of ​​influence because it is above all on it that we have a positive impact. Do not play the unhealthy game imposed on us, or do it on the surface but sabotage it from within.

Real good health being indeed our most precious asset, it is from its living forces that its implementation must come (and therefore the annihilation of this masquerade, the greatest lie of all time), namely all those who invest in the PHYSICAL (professional and amateur athletes, associations, producers and traders of healthy products…), in the MENTAL (psychologists, philosophers, religious…) and in the SOCIAL (teachers, organizers, artists…).

Refuse. Resist. Animate.

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