Coming from a long ancestry of Occitan peasants, a computer scientist father and a childminder mother, I grew up at the foot of the north face of Mont Ventoux. Without having inherited any sporting culture but having a family physically active and united to its natural environment, it is spontaneously that the outdoor activities attracted me then the endurance efforts on the occasion of discoveries on the slopes of Ventoux or at the college stadium. From my teenage years to my 25th birthday, physical activity consisted almost exclusively of riding a few dozen kilometers from time to time for the well-being and wonder that it gave me.

At the head of the class until my scientific baccalaureate but without a clear idea of ​​the field in which to spend part of my life, I was automatically oriented towards the training course of future « elites » of France. After a year in engineering school bored by the supposed primacy of hyper specialization and technocracy, I branched out into a master’s degree in economics and finance to find multidisciplinarity and better understand the world before completing with a second master’s degree focused on the concepts of sustainable territorial development with the will to act wherever necessity prevails.

It was then that I worked on behalf of the State and the Territorial Collectivity of Corsica as a project manager for the economic development of the island. Curious to know the island beauties and to live an exhilarating journey, it was at this time that I decided to register for the mythical Ironman of Nice and at the same time to discover the triathlon by self-taught with a view to a test for which I had taken a highly vibratory passion as a spectator a few years before.

At the same time, my values ​​and my high ideals came into conflict with my professional activity, the fruits of my labor for the community diverted for the benefit of a few powerful interests to the detriment of the common good and the public service. The performances in training and in competition having quickly been of a high level and fully developing me in this discipline, I took the plunge to take part in international events in the elite / professional category on the one hand and on the other hand spend 40 hours a week less getting involved in a stale and vicious system, even if the idea of ​​the Trojan horse sounded appealing.

Since then, I have known the podiums of long-distance triathlons on the national circuit and top 10 on the international circuit. With a 2019 season marked by injuries and a burnout and a year 2020 sabotaged by international lies, I put in place an effective process to regain control of my body and my mind. Now settled in the Southern Alps, I took the opportunity to resume fundamentally intellectual activities with the most holistic approach possible in the logic of multi-potentiality which still animates me and which shapes my eclectic course. Today, my discover-experience-transmit approach is notably through my practice of sport which also wants to be an incarnation for a wider opening on the world in which we live and on the impulse to give it.