Last month, I gave my plan for 2019 here. Triathlons on the same day in different countries, 7 Ironmans, improbable sequences. Here are some explanations for each race! A bit of « why » in short. And an obvious green/orange/red color code.

April 21: First big European triathlon of the season. Back on my first triathlon 4 years ago. An experience on hybrid and fun distances (2-107-16). First full-scale test of the positive (r)evolutions in winter training.
April 28th: A week after Cannes. Interesting to do the 2 races in 7 days as a great preparation for the IRONMAN Lanzarote. BUT finally this will not be possible for logistical and financial reasons.
May 25: First Ironman of the season in Europe. The most difficult race of the IRONMAN circuit (wind, altitude difference, heat, humidity, Timanfaya devil). A jewel of the world triathlon, a magnetic archipelago, a hell of a paradise and a race I want to do since I discovered this island last October.
June 2: This is Swiiiiis! First experience in this country, beautiful race, hilly. Interesting 8 days after the IRONMAN Lanzarote with a good recover in between.
June 16: First edition, so a race of the biggest world circuit to inaugurate. Yet, IN REFLECTION, considering the financial and physical/psychological cost of this race positioned between two Ironmans.
June 30: I do sports today just thanks to this race when I decided to register 4 years ago to live once in my life this funny day that was that of the 2015 IRONMAN Nice. Sufficient reason to go back.
June 30: There is Nice, but also 3 other picks at the same time! First, this race which is simply the IRONMAN European Championship in THE country of triathlon with a stratospheric start list worthy of the world championships, it makes you want! It would also be my first experience with our beer-loving friends.
July 4 to 6: Several distances, the M and naturally the L interest me, but you know that I particularly like stage triathlons as I did last year racing the 3 races of Alpe d’Huez triathlon. It would also be a home race (motivation +++) and a pleasure to go back to an event that is one of my best sports memories (2015). BUT this will only be possible if I do not participate in the following two races.
July 7: Deutsche Qualität. Oh no, it’s Austria! Same standards for as much. A beautiful and fast race even if hilly (the beauty of the laws of physics). Since I discovered Austria last year and its culture of triathlon (and the rest), I can not wait to go back!
July 7: One of the myths of international triathlon. The biggest in terms of participants (3500?) and spectators (300 000?). A deafening atmosphere apparently. Germany and triathlon at climax.
July 25: This year I focus my energy on the long distance event. A week of real triathlon festival I have taken a subscription since 2016. I confess to have the secret ambition that I am awarded a turn of the climb of the Alpe d’Huez to my 50th participation at the age of 75. This race is ideally placed this year 3 weeks exactly before the Embrun Ironman.
August 15: This will be my second participation. If you wonder what attracts me in this « hardest triathlon in the world », one of the 4 triathletic myths of the 80s/90s, then read my 2017 experience.
August 25: French Championship! The area looks nice (Aveyron), people will understand my accent and the course seems fun. 10 days after Embrun, it’s doable by quietly managing the recovery.
September 7: This triathlon is just waiting for me, I was told. It’s been years that my calendar does not allow me to go, but this time it’s good!
September 15: Out of the question not to be in! I grew up in this mountain and it’s such a pleasure to enjoy an original quality race at home.
October 5: Lanzarote, what else? With 10/15 days of training before to prepare the race OR rather after to prepare the last Ironman and last race of the season.
September 21: The date has changed in the meantime and it will not be possible for me. Too bad, this XTREM circuit Ironman was simply H-U-G-E with a start in the ocean to finish on the highest volcano in Europe (3700m).
November 2: An absolutely flat Ironman perfect for setting records. It would make sense of trainings and competitions of September/October. And it would be a first discovery of the United States and its very different state of mind regarding to sports in particular.


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